Summer, 2019

After taking an uncontrolled fall while rock climbing at the beginning of June and breaking my talus, I’m on crutches for the foreseeable future. I am being treated by two absolutely amazing doctors at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, both of whom have instructed me that I absolutely must not put any weight on my right foot. I’m still able to do my real estate job, as a large percentage of my clients these days are referrals from previous clients, or low income and underhoused tenants who need help with navigating the bureaucracy of government subsides and someone who will fight for them in New York’s notoriously cutthroat housing market.

I’m releasing a weekly podcast called Screen Test of Time with my best friend David, where we watch and review every movie ever nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. We’re well over a year into the project, with many, many more years to go. I’ve also been working on the stand alone website for the project, which will probably be live later this year for our 100th episode. (If not sooner.)

Currently reading The Fifth Season (finally!), watching the new seasons of Pose and Stranger Things, and spending way too much time following the 2020 Democratic Primary race.